Rapid Vienna appoint construction partner

08 May 2014

Austrian Football Bundesliga giants Rapid Vienna have appointed Stabag as their stadium construction partner.

Stabag’s appointment follows the recommendation of the club’s stadium project team. The decision was based on a number of factors, including: architectural plans, infrastructural issues, quality of atmosphere and cost.

The Rapid board accepted the project team’s recommendation with six votes in favour and one abstention – which came from club president Michael Krammer, whose brother sits on Strabag’s board.

The club has not yet confirmed that it will be building a new stadium, as issues such as funding and naming rights sponsorship still remain unresolved. The club plans to enter into further consultations with representatives of the city, the county and various authorities over the coming weeks.

“Our goal remains to make those decisions that we can influence in the coming weeks and to showcase our stadium project before summer,” said Krammer.

“We know that we are so far still have no formal planning permission,” he continued, “but as with all new buildings, when all relevant conditions are complied with this procedure should be completed fairly quickly.”