Boca Juniors aim to enhance fan connection with innovative deal

20 Sep 2012

Boca Juniors has made moves to enhance the fan experience at its La Bombonera home by agreeing a deal that sees the stadium become one of the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled football venues.

The initiative is part of a partnership with new strategic sponsor Fibercorp and is designed to aid all those who attend La Bombonera, including fans, partners, employees and the media. The Buenos Aires giant claims the move makes it the first Latin American club to roll out such an initiative. Real Madrid in November announced a similar partnership with Cisco which aims to transform the Santiago Bernabeu into one of the world’s most technologically advanced stadiums, but its Wi-Fi plan has not yet been introduced. In US sports, the National Football League (NFL) in June confirmed that team owners voted to install free high-speed wireless internet systems in all stadiums in a bid to improve the match-day experience for its fans.

“Today Boca becomes one of the biggest clubs in world technology, achieving a goal that only a few NFL stadiums could reach in the US,” said Martin Mendiguren, Boca’s systems manager and one of those responsible for carrying out the project. “Betting on communication, giving more voice to our partners, this is a tool that will allow people to share the unique experience of being in the Bombonera.”

Diego Lajt, head of Boca’s department of systems and computer science, added: “Boca is a modern and innovative club. An institution connected with partners and supporters that seeks to provide a better service to all who come to the Bombonera. The technological collaboration tools are also part of management excellence.”