Australia seeks to tap into Korean market for 2015 Asian Cup

13 Aug 2013

Australia’s 2015 Asian Cup Local Organising Committee (LOC) has announced it will join forces with A-League clubs to host Korean-themed events at matches in 2013-14 in a bid to promote the tournament.

Five cities will host games during the country’s staging of the Asian Cup, with Sydney’s 84,000-seat Stadium Australia set to stage the tournament final. Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Newcastle were also awarded host city status for the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) showpiece national team competition in March, and the tournament is set to be Australia’s first since it took the decision to join the AFC in 2006.

LOC chief executive officer Michael Brown said the 2015 Asian Cup had been awarded a A$40,000 (US$36,600) grant from the Australia-Korea Foundation to increase Australia’s understanding of Korea – a strategically important market for the tournament and the country as a whole. “The eyes of Asia will be on Australia in January 2015 and we as a country need to take advantage of that,” said Brown. “Korea is Australia’s fourth largest trading partner and based on figures from previous tournaments we expect tens of millions of Koreans to tune in to the Asian Cup in 2015 and thousands more to travel here for the tournament. This provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to promote Australia to Asia and build economic, diplomatic and social links across the continent.”

As a result of finishing third at the 2011 Asian Cup, South Korea has already qualified for the 2015 tournament. Korea DPR has also qualified along with Japan and the host nation. The 2015 Asian Cup is being jointly-funded by the Australian Government and the Queensland, New South Wales, ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and Victorian Governments.