Areva powers down FC Nurnberg backing

09 Aug 2012

Energy company Areva has extended, but scaled back its partnership with 1.Bundesliga club FC Nurnberg.

Areva had been Nurnberg’s main and shirt sponsor, but has announced a new deal whereby it will serve as one of 13 club partners for the 2012-13 season. The decision means Nurnberg, which finished 10th in the 1.Bundesliga last season is currently without a main sponsor.

“Areva has contributed as a major player in the region in recent years and played an important part to the positive development of our association,” said Martin Bader, director of sport and public relations for FC Nurnberg. “It is pleasing that Areva will continue its commitment to us as a club partner, especially with its commitment to the work of our youth training centre and financial support.”

Areva CEO, Carsten Haferkamp, added: “With our renewed commitment to the club we want to express our commitment to the region and this traditional club. Areva and the 1. FCN have maintained over the past four years a close cooperation and conducted numerous joint operations. We are pleased that we now continue this partnership, even if it is to a lesser extent.”